You find yourself sabotaging the good in your life because of what you have been through in your past. You view yourself as broken and underserving of anything good. In counseling, you will learn how to process your pain in a healthy way and explore topics you have been avoiding.
The one thing you can do to get the most out of your sessions is to believe that your story doesn’t end with your trauma. As your counselor I will help you learn the tools you need to cope with your trauma and heal.

  Signs that you have unresolved trauma
 - Avoidance
 - Unhealthy attachments & Relationships
 - Feeling unfulfilled
 - Loneliness

Trauma Therapy in Arlington

Unresolved trauma can lead to rejection and isolation.
You have thoughts of
"this is too good to be true" or "when is the other shoe going to drop"
When things are going good in your life it's hard for you to relax and enjoy the moment.
In counseling, we will explore events in your life that have left you altered. 
• You will feel lighter and learn how to lean into your worthiness.
• You will recognize your inner strength and tenacity.
• You will rewrite your narrative from a place of victimhood to a survivalist 

what you need is less Judgement and more self compassion 

What if I said you can move forward with your life?

having coping skills 

addressing the issue

feeling like a survivor

having triggers 

Suppressing your emotions 

feeling like a victim


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Shed the weight of feeling like you Are never enough!

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