Everyone needs a safe place to feel seen, heard, and understood. This is a non judgement zone and a safe place to process your feelings while learning new skills to live your life intentionally. By working with me you will learn to be more intentional with your decisions. While processing deep emotions that have you stuck.

We will be meeting weekly for 60 min sessions. You can expect to be emotional in one moment and laughing the next. You will begin to recognize your strengths as well as your weaknesses and feel more empowered to tackle everyday life. 

The first several sessions of our time together will consist of me asking you questions about your past, present, and future. Don't worry it's really informal and its an opportunity for you to tell me everything that's important to you. 

Together we will identify the things that you want to work on. With your goals in mind, I will tailor our sessions to fit your needs. Each session you will leave with thought provoking homework that you will work on throughout the week. 

Therapy only works if you are patient with yourself. It is learning to trust your individual journey to healing. Some sessions you will leave needing to journal and go into deep reflections. Other times you will squeak with excitement. What you will find out is that it will be a beautiful mixture of the two and your consistency and commitment to therapy will bring you progress. 

Honor Your Process Counseling has a grounded approach in understanding that every person is making decisions that are either in alignment or out of alignment with their personal values. 

Counselor for individuals who are ready to do the work! 

What to expect in a individual counseling session 

QUESTIONS & establishing relationship

Goals & Trusting the process 

Lastly...trust the process

Individual Therapy 

Its Time to honor yourself.
Its time to prioritize your healing. 

 I am ready to maximize my life 

I want to Identify & Reconnect to my values and beliefs

I am ready to learn how to prioritize self-care 

I want to learn how to develop and maintain healthy relationships