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Together we will tackle the difficulty of letting go of your past while moving forward with optimism.

Are you just getting out of a bad relationship?

Have you just left a job that you thought you would be at for years?

Or maybe the transition is positive and you are getting married, having your first child, or starting your dream job? 

Life transistions  

• Successfully moving through life’s transitions can means that you can feel a plethora of emotions including excitement, anxiety, fear, joy, or confusion.

• It oftentimes will force you to let go of the past and accept the present and build an optimistic perspective of your future.

• Through counseling you will learn how to successfully walk through the transitions of life utilizing acceptance, engaging in coping skills, and learning how to identify and express your feelings. All the while staying present in the moment. 

what you need is less Judgement and more self compassion 

What if I said you can move forward with your life?


giving yourself compassion

Accepting the present

Overworked & hustling 

being critical of yourself and others

feeling a deep regret


Go from

Shed the weight of feeling like you Are never enouGh!