We all are social beings no matter where we may fall on the introversion or extroversion scale. Group Therapy is a way for you to create genuine connection with other like minded women. As a result, you won't feel alone, you will be inspired by your group members strengths, and you get to provide support to others. Group Therapy gives you the benefit of having a voice and allows your story to be heard. This is a short term option and can be a great for people who are open to new friendships, overcoming fears, and practicing healthy relationship boundaries. If you are ready to learn and grow in a group setting. Email me know so you can be added to the waitlist! 

Group Therapy

You are a introvert who is craving connection with othes 

You are a Extrovert who is craving Purposeful Connections


• You feel like you don't have a voice in your relationships
•Your life revolves around what other people need from you
•You find yourself saying yes when you are exhausted, stressed, and feeling overwhelmed.  
• You feel like a doormat in your romantic relationships. 
• You have a fear of disappointing people
• You are a woman between the age of (25 to 35) 

• The group is an 6 week program that covers topics related to the pros & cons of people pleasing, the root of your poor boundaries, and longterm consequences of putting yourself last. 
• Group activities will include fun assignments  
• I am currently creating a waitlist for the for the next virtual group. Please call 972-885-7173 or email Imani@hypcounseling.com to be added to the waitlist. 

This group is for you if 

what to expect 

Better Boundaried Group 

Shed the weight of feeling like you Are never enouGh!