I'm here to help you live boldy by establishing your self esteem and teaching you what a healthy relationship with yourself and others look like.

You will no longer put yourself last or continue attracting toxic draining relationships.

You will break the cycle and find yourself on the process to healing. 

I help women create and maintain healthy relationships.

You're tired of pretending like you have it all together? I help my clients recognize unhealthy belief patterns that are holding them back from the life they truly desire.

Let's work together to process your emotions in a safe place.

My goal is to help you live in alignment with your values and create a life that is filled with pleasure.

My passion is to see you break unhealthy patterns and learn to do what is best for you unapologetically.

I will help you disregard toxic cycles, dump unhealthy beliefs, and pursue your life with optimism and clarity for the future.

Working with me will make you laugh, cry, and push you to acknowledge truths that may feel scary.


You wont be doing it alone. I will be there, with you, every step of the way.

Hello Im Imani Huff, LPC

• You have been struggling with issues related to expressing your needs and showing your vulnerability leaving you feeling isolated.
• Your friends and loved ones see you as successful and strong, but you often feel like you’re cracking under the pressure of their expectations.
• I help women maximize their lives and empower them to maintain boundaries and hold space for themselves.
• By working together you will shed the weight of other’s expectations while reconnecting with your own desires and needs. 

Welcome to Honor Your Process Counseling 

Are you ready to STOP worrying about what others think of you, step into your TRUE self, and live a life of emotional freedom? 
I was too... 

Honor Your Process Counseling is about creating a safe and inviting space where people can take their mask odd and be their authentic selves. We pride ourselves on working with women on building lives on the foundation of authenticity, balance, and pleasure. This organization is for women who desperately need to learn how to prioritize their need for wellness and self care. Our mission is to help you prioritize the relationship you have with yourself. 

Our Mission at Honor Your Process Counseling

My uber cute Yorkie dog, Gianni & my beautiful pit bull NOLA

Having intentional conversation with friends

Taking vacations with my family and friends 

Having a balance between going out with friends and staying home with my hubby watching netflix. 

I'm reallyyyy passionate about...


I get to work with women and help them live lives that are filled with joy and pleasure.


Started working at a methadone clinic counseling individuals who suffer with addiction


Worked at an outpatient hospital facilitating women's group


Started the journey for full licensure


Wrote my own curriculum to implement mental health services for women in jails


Worked at the county jail as a counselor 

My Timeline

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Margarita's PLEASE!

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Anything Maya Angelou

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Insecure,Power,Love Craft Country

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Pop Punk Music

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